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Ahista Tea

Freckled - Ceramic Cup

Freckled - Ceramic Cup

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Fulfilled by our friends at Ahista Tea

Stoneware from India / Contemporary Ceramics / 2022

Approximate dimensions: 75mm (height) x 70mm (width)

Simple and beautiful, add a touch of visual delight to your morning tea or coffee ritual made for the minimalist home. Each cup is glazed with a glossy milky white glaze and then sprayed with iron wash. These are fired at cone 6 in an electric kiln for 24hrs at 1223 degrees Celsius / 2233 degrees Fahrenheit. Once fired, the iron wash transforms into organic brown freckles on each cup. There is a circular base which brings a fresh style to your breakfast and beyond. It holds approximately 220mL.

'Freckled' includes a stamp of our logo on the bottom. 


• Standard shipping charges will apply for all contemporary cups.

• Each piece is made in small batches causing variations in form and finish to occur amongst each unique, handmade piece. Minor variations may include but are not limited to colour, texture, and size.

• Hand washing is recommended to properly care for your piece. Items are dishwasher safe as well.

This item only ships within the United States.
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